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Kahoot Codes Guide to Join Kahoot 2024

Are you struggling in Joining Kahoot Quizzes or games created by the Host? Learn about Kahoot Codes and join now!

Kahoot!, the best game-based learning platform, has made creating quizzes for teachers and employees easy. Also, joining the game or quiz is effortless for participants with the Kahoot codes. The Kahoot code is a 6-digit code with a unique combination of letters and numbers. These codes are created by the session host and used by session participants.

The Kahoot codes are also known as Kahoot login codes, or Kahoot join codes. They are session-specific and ensure the session’s privacy. It is effortless to create Kahoot codes. The platform generates a code itself when you complete creating a quiz. Let’s know more about it in detail below.

Also, you will get to know why we need Kahoot codes.

What is Kahoot Code?

Simply, it is a combination of letters and numbers called codes, comprising a six-digit unique code. You can only use a valid code once to join a quiz or game. It expires after a game or quiz ends. You cannot enter a learning game or quiz at Kahoot without a valid code.

Who Creates the Kahoot Code?

The host of the game, the creator of a quiz, generates it. The platform generates a new code after the instructor finishes creating the game and wants to start it. The instructor can send this Code to the participants in personal chats or by sharing the screen.

Teacher creating a new Kahoot

How to Get a Kahoot Code?

Want to join a Kahoot quiz or game? You need a valid code to verify and join it. You can ask the game host or course instructor to send you the Code. Remember, you can’t use any previously received code to enter a new game.

The host shares the Kahoot code

Where to Enter the Kahoot Code?

Entering Khoot Code

Enter the valid Code on the Kahoot app on your smartphone or the Kahoot website on a web browser. You can use a code as long as the game is LIVE; the Code expires after the host ends the game or locks the game to limit the entry of more participants. For this purpose:

Step 1: Open the official Kahoot website at kahoot.it. 

Step 2: Find out and click the option “Enter Code”.

Step 3: Copy and paste the Code sent by the host. 

Step 4: After verification, you will be automatically entered into the game.

How does Kahoot Login Code Work?

How do you use a Kahoot code

They are also known as Kahoot login codes because participants use these codes to log in to a quiz session. A participant gets it via personal chat or shared screen by the host. The following is the step-by-step method to log in to Kahoot with the login code.

  • Open Kahoot’s official website on your PC’s browser or the Kahoot app on your Android or iOS device.
  • You will see an ‘Enter Kahoot Code’ or ‘Enter Pin’ option on the homepage screen; click on it.
  • Now, enter the Code provided by the session host in the designated box and press the ‘Enter’ or ‘Join’ button.
  • The session or quiz will now open on your screen, and you can start to attempt the answers right away.

Please read the next section below if your Kahoot login code does not work.

Kahoot PIN Code

As the name suggests, it’s a secret code in the form of a PIN to join a Kahoot session. When a host initiates a game, a shareable PIN code is generated. It’s used to allow users to join the game without following lengthy procedures.

Kahoot PIN code

Kahoot Code to Join Now

Kahoot! Join Code is the easiest method, and I recommend everyone use it. The reason is that it saves effort and time for joining the game. Here, check out the simple steps below:

  • First, open their official website at kahoot.it, or you can open the app on your smartphone.
  • Click the “Join” button.
  • Enter the Code given by the host.
  • Congrats! It’s all done, and you are in the game now.

Why Does a Kahoot Code Not Work?

Kahoot code Not working - Troubleshooting

Kahoot code not working? It may not work because of the following reasons. We have also given the solution for each reason for the Kahoot code not working with each scenario.

Internet Connection Stability

Internet connection stability icon

A stable internet connection is always necessary to enter a quiz at Kahoot. Maybe you can’t enter the quiz despite entering the correct login code because your internet connection is interrupted. So check your internet connectivity before taking other measures or talking to the session host.

A Wrong Code

Wrong PIN icon

The game host may have mistakenly sent you the wrong login code so that it won’t work on your side. The best solution is to talk to the host and ask for the correct game code. Ask the quiz creator immediately before the game ends, and you end up not participating in the quiz.

The Quiz Has Ended

Quiz icon

Maybe you were late to join the game, and the quiz has already ended. You have missed a learning opportunity in this case. Also, your scores will be short for not attempting a quiz. Talk to the quiz creator for any alternative option to reattempt the quiz.

Participants Limit

Participants limit icon

The host can limit the entry of more participants when a quiz is LIVE. You cannot enter the quiz even with a valid code after the limit is imposed. Request the quiz creator to let you enter the game because learning always matters.

Subscription Plan Limit

Subscription Plan Limit icon

The quiz creators use a specific subscription plan that allows a precise number of participants to enter a game or quiz. Maybe your quiz host has invited more participants to join a quiz than those permitted under a subscription plan. The participants that enter first will play the game, and the rest can’t enter the game in this scenario. Talk to the session host to upgrade their subscription plan.

Restart the Kahoot Website or App

Refresh website icon

The Code may not be a problem, nor the internet connection, when you want to enter a game. Try restarting the Kahoot app on your phone or refresh the Kahoot website on the web browser. Now, enter the Code again. Hopefully, you will successfully enter a Kahoot quiz this time.

Contact Kahoot Support

Customer support icon

Sometimes, none of the above solutions will work, and you wonder what to do to enter a quiz. The solution is to communicate the issue with the Kahoot support team. The Kahoot support team is available 24/7 to resolve your queries. They will reach out to you soon after you send a request and will guide you better in entering a game. Meanwhile, talk to the session host, too, so you don’t miss the game altogether.

Final Words

You have read in detail about Kahoot codes, ways to generate them, proper guidelines to use the Code and solutions to the problems arising when such codes are not working. Using it is simple if you use the correct codes within the right time in the right way. Write back to us if you find this information useful.


How can I share a Kahoot game?

You can share a Kahoot game by sharing the Kahoot game code that is automatically generated after you finish creating the game. Now, share this code with people you want to participate in the game with.

How to find a Kahoot code?

The only way to get a Kahoot! code is by asking the game host to send you the Code. Kahoot codes are game-specific and are not available in general.

How do you make a Kahoot code?

You can make a Kahoot code by creating a new Kahoot, game, or quiz. Kahoot automatically assigns you a login code as you finish creating the game.

Where to find my Kahoot code?

You can’t find it in your account, but you need to get it from your Kahoot host. The reason is that it’s generated by the host on Kahoot.it app or official website.

What to do if my Kahoot Code is not working?

In case it’s not working, there are some tasks you can perform immediately to resolve it. First, speak to the quiz host and check your subscription plan. Secondly, your internet connection should work properly, or you can restart the Kahoot quiz to generate the Code again. The last thing you can do is to reach out to Kahoot support.

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