Kahoot Login Guide For Teacher/Student 2024

Are you struggling with Kahoot Login and want some guidance about it? Belive me! It’s pretty easy to login Kahoot if you go through this guide till end. Enjoy!

Kahoot has made online learning entertaining with game-based quizzes crafted by teachers for their students. Billions of players, teachers, students, and team workers can Kahoot login to access a customized dashboard designed according to learning preferences. Play games, interact with classmates, arrange discussions, research online learning resources, and improve your learning and memory with them.

Anyone can sign in Kahoot by inputting a valid email/username and password. You can also integrate your Google, Microsoft, or any other social account with it to directly log in to its official website for web browsers and apps for Android and iOS devices.

You can also select your preferred account language from among many worldwide language options. The homepage gives you endless options to explore online learning content, play games, and go through various learning modes available in it so that you can log in to it with the set goals. Let’s move towards the complete facts and figures about Login Kahoot in this blog.

Let’s jump right in!

What is Kahoot?

It’s a game-based learning platform where teachers can create and share quizzes with students. These quizzes are in the form of games known as Kahoots. Participants can access it via Kahoot.com through web browsers and the dedicated App on Android and iOS devices.

Learning is fun with it, and students’ memory and performance improve with community learning, discussions, and activities. It is easy to access for everyone at school, home, and workplace, whether you are a student, teacher, or anyone who wants to improve your learning.

What is Kahoot

How to Log in Kahoot?

If you are still facing issues to login to your account, here are a few simple steps to access it easily:

Step 1: The first Login step is to open their official website. 

Step 2: You can search ‘Kahoot login’ in Google or go directly to https://kahoot.com

Step 3: You will find the ‘Login’ option at the top right corner of the homepage. 

Step 4: You will be redirected to the login page after clicking it. 

Step 5: Enter your username/ email and password to sign in to your account. 

Step 6: You can instantly access your account if it is attached to your Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Clever.

Step 7: There will be direct access to your personalized dashboard after successfully logging in to your account. 

How to login kahoot

Alternatively, you can create your account if you don’t have it. You can also contact their support for any login issues. The login process is the same for students and teachers when you use the email/username to access the dashboard.

How Kahoot Works?

It provides a creative and engaging way for teachers to teach their classes. Teachers can create discussions, quizzes, and polls as games and multiple-choice questions. Students don’t get burdened; the learning continues with exciting games. The teacher can control how the session will continue and the preferred format for the class.

There are unique PINs for all the participants to join a class or the game. This way, only specific people can access a particular class and enter after their identity verification. It motivates students to get instant marks after they attempt a quiz. Also, students who complete the quizzes quickly get extra marks. It challenges students this way to perform better at the scoreboard.

The students’ concepts remain clear because it shows the logic behind the correct and the wrong answer after a student submits the response. A comparative score of all students in a class is also displayed on the screen after each participant has attempted the test. Teachers assess the students’ performances based on its provided data after each quiz, making the marking and assessment procedure simple and time-saving.

Besides students and teachers, teams can also work together through this platform, and students can perform group discussions from the comfort of their own homes. In short, it has made virtual learning not less than physical learning and working in institutions and workplaces.

How To Use Kahoot?

Teachers can engage their students by creating quizzes and arranging fun educational activities with this platform. Let’s learn how teachers can do it.

The first step for teachers is to sign in at the official website. Choose “Create new” on the dashboard. It requires you to submit questions and answers to craft a quiz. The teacher then distributes the PIN to the students after creating the quiz. Now, it’s the students’ turn to enter the PIN and perform the test, and the teacher will evaluate their performance afterward.

Students can enter a quiz by inputting the PINs and their names according to the given instructions. Each participant can perform the quiz after accessing the game lobby. The test starts after a student presses the ‘Start’ button. The scores appear on the screen, after attempting each question, and the combined performance shows at the end of the quiz.

How to Access Kahoot Login?

This section will tell you all the possible ways to log in:

Log in to Kahoot via Website

The first method to access your account is by logging in via the official website. You can open the website on your laptop or desktop browser. Open Kahoot.com in your preferred internet browser. Now log in with your account credentials by clicking the ‘Login’ button on the homepage.

Login Kahoot via website

Log in to Kahoot via App

The learning app is also available for Android and iOS users. The app is easily accessible anywhere without a PC or laptop. You can find the Kahoot App in both the App Store and Play Store. Download and install it with an active internet connection to your device. Now log in to it by entering your account credentials and exploring your personalized learning content.

Login to Kahoot Via App

Log in to Kahoot via Linked Accounts

Your account can be linked to your Google, Microsoft, or other social media accounts. You will see such login options on the Kahoot login page. Click on your desired linked account to log in to your account. It eliminates the need to enter the username and password and makes accessing the dashboard easy.

Log in to Kahoot via Linked Accounts

Log in to Kahoot via School or Business Accounts

This game-based learning platform, is linked with many schools and businesses. It provides a specific login portal to its partner institutes. You can sign in to your account from that portal if you are a student or a teacher. Contact your company or school to access your Kahoot login portal.

Kahoot Login Features

Features of Kahoot

You can experience the following features while logging in, making it the best game-based learning platform.

User Experience

Logging in is easy and does not involve too many steps. Search for Kahoot login in your search engine or directly go to kahoot.com. The next step is to access the login page by clicking the ‘Login’ button in the top right corner. Enter your username and password in the third step and press the ‘Login’ button. You will directly access your dashboard without performing any other step.

The logging-in experience improves if you connect your account to your Google, Microsoft, or any other social media account for direct access. Furthermore, you can save your login credentials to save yourself from repeatedly doing the login process every time you return to the account.

Platform Accessibility

You can access it via the website and app. Furthermore, it has partnered with many institutes and provided them with customized login portals. You can access such portals if you are a student, teacher, or affiliated with any such institute.

Data Safety

Logging in to it is 100% safe. There is nothing to worry about if you link your social media or other accounts with it. It observes strict privacy policies. Your data is always protected; you can log in with security confidence.

Login Integration

You can integrate your account with Google, Microsoft, and other social media accounts. This way, there is no need to remember your username and password. You can access your account directly if you have logged in to your integrated account on the same device. It saves you time, and nothing harms you if you forget your login password.

Password Management

You can save your login passwords in your browser or mobile app. It eliminates the need to enter the password each time you want to use this learning platform. Furthermore, you can easily access their support team if you forget your password or face other login issues.

Support Forums

When you face login problems, discuss them with like-minded people over forums and communities. Most of your login problems will be solved by interacting with the dedicated support team and discussing the issues on the forums.

Personalized Experience

You can have a personalized dashboard after login. The platform allows you to craft your learning content to excel in the field you want to master.

Account Management

It is easy to manage your profile after logging in. You can easily change passwords and update profile information.

Benefits of Logging In to Kahoot

The following are the benefits and exciting user experiences on this game-based learning platform.

  • You can access engaging and interactive learning content.
  • Teachers can have active student involvement, instant feedback, and improved classroom dynamics and motivation.
  • Every user can have a customizable and user-friendly dashboard.
  • You can also experience emotional and social learning with its learning content.
  • The student’s learning memory and understanding capabilities improve with the engaging interface.
  • The learning never stops when you log in to it.
  • Teachers can fulfill students’ needs with diverse backgrounds more easily.
  • Students can collaborate, engage in discussions, and answer quizzes in groups.
  • You get instant insights into your performance.
  • You can access it in many worldwide languages.

How to login Kahoot for Game Codes

There are learning sessions on this platform. For example, teachers organize learning sessions for their students. It is mandatory to ensure only the allowed participants can join the session. It offers login codes for such sessions. The code is the combination of letters and numbers that the host generates for each session. The designated people can get the Kahoot login code via personal chats, or the hosts display the code on the shared screen.

Kahoot login QR scan codes are also suitable when participants can access the code via a shared screen. The host can also send the QR code via personal chats to the participants.

It ensures the privacy of the learning session with unique login codes for each session. It is mandatory to input the correct login codes or scan the right QR Code to access your desired learning session.

How to Join a Session with Kahoot Login Code?

Ask the session host for the login code or QR code. Now open the app or access the website in your browser. Now you have two options. Either you can ‘Enter PIN’ or ‘Scan QR Code’. You can directly access the designated session and participate in quizzes and activities.

You cannot access another session with the same code. The codes expire after each session, and you can log in to another session with a new code.

Kahoot Login Teacher: Tips

Millions of teachers use it as a game-based learning platform across the world. It’s a new world to discover for excitement and learning. A teacher can discover, play, create, and share educational games with other teachers and students, too. Not only this, but it also offers sharing options to businesses, families, and friends, which is a plus. 

A tip for teachers is that it’s a learning platform where you can decide on learning the content. It means the options and functions on how the Kahoot is played are at your fingertips.

Kahoot Login Student: Tips

You can play your first Kahoot as a student with only a few steps. Here, you have to choose the “Play” button and then click the “Teach” option. Further, select the Class or Team mode based on your requirements. You can also play it with other students remotely. In the end, click the “Start” button and enjoy. 

Don’t always click the options randomly, but follow the mentioned steps in this guide. It will make the procedure quick and effortless. Hope you will like this tip to use it effortlessly.

Kahoot Login Code

As the name suggests, it’s a unique six-digit code that is used to login to the Kahoot official portal. It’s something different than login credentials, used for security purposes. After PIN verification, the game-based learning will start automatically. Remember that the code is displayed on the screen of the players to enter the Kahoot login Password to the required field.

Kahoot Login Requirements

Here are the primary requirements if you want to use it on an Android device. Please check out the details below:

  • You must have a compatible device having Android version 6.0 or above. 
  • Your phone must have 60 MBs of Free storage. 
  • If you want to install it on an iPhone or iPad, you need iOS 14.0 or above with 100 MBs of free space. 
  • For MacBook, it must have macOS 11.0 or above. 
  • An active internet connection is a must for using it on any device.
  • Next, you need a valid email/username and password to access your account.
  • Alternatively, valid login credentials for your Google, Microsoft, or other social media accounts are necessary for integrated login access.

Users’ Reviews

People love this educational game, and we have collected several reviews from them. They are fans of its educational purpose and excitement of enjoyment for teachers, students, and everyone who wants to have fun after a hectic routine. Surprisingly, it has more positive reviews than the negative. That’s why we have mentioned some of them below:


It’s the modern day’s most practical learning platform, bringing students, teachers, working partners, and business persons together. Its user-friendly interface further adds to its usefulness for the learning community. Anyone can access it with their devices and have an active internet connection. Learning never gets boring with it, and the users can access a broad knowledge spectrum.
We have discussed in detail the easy ways to log in to Kahoot and the benefits you get with it. Your learning experience over the platform will be worth it, and you will surely like to add it to your upcoming knowledge-learning mechanisms.


How can I log into Kahoot?

Enter your registered username/email and password, and press the login button to access the dashboard. You can also access your account with Google, Microsoft, or any other integrated social media platform.

Is it easy to use Kahoot?

It is an easy-to-use learning platform with a user-friendly interface, equally beneficial for students of all ages, business people, and coworkers.

Does Kahoot work on the phone?

It is available for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app from the Play Store and App Store to make learning fun.

How safe is Kahoot?

It has limited sharing options, and students cannot interact with strangers. Every student gets their one-time separate PIN that only they can access to join a game. Also, It has a team of moderators to flag inappropriate content.

Who uses Kahoot?

It is among the most popular game-based learning platforms, with more than 70 million active users. These are students, teachers, coworkers, and more.

Can I use Kahoot for free?

Yes, there is a free version where users can create, host, and play basic learning games with up to 10 participants.

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