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Kahoot Questions – 20+ Funny Kahoot Questions You Must Ask in 2024

Read the Kahoot questions guide to know the complete process of creating questions, choosing question options, designing questions, and much more.

Kahoot, the best game-based learning platform, offers various question types to choose from to match the learning phases of different groups of students. There is a vast variety of templates for the quiz, premade questions, and much more. You can create questions in a few steps by inputting the required information in the designated boxes, and the quiz will be ready in a few minutes.

Kahoot Question Game

You can learn the complete procedure to create questions and quizzes here. Also, we will explain various question types so that you can choose the most relevant ones. So let’s dive into the discussion below.

How to Create Kahoot Questions

Steps to create Kahoot Questions

The following is the step-by-step guide to creating Kahoot questions.

Step 1: Create an account with your email or linked accounts or login to your Kahoot Account via the app or website if you already have an account.

Step 2: Press the ‘Create’ button on your Kahoot Dashboard.

Step 3: Two options pop up, Kahoot and Course; choose Kahoot Join to create your quiz or poll.

Step 4: You now have four options; generate questions based on a PDF file, generate questions based on a topic, use premade Kahoot templates, or create from scratch.

Step 5: There are two options, add questions or slides. Choose the questions option when you want to create the quiz.

Step 6: Enter the Kahoot Title, the title of your quiz.

Step 7: Choose your preferred question type among the available options. All the question types are explained in the next section.

Step 8: Type the question in the top bar stating, ‘Start typing your question.’

Step 9: Drop an image related to the question, choose it from the gallery, or upload it from your device.

Step 10: Add answer options; you can add up to six answers. Also, mark the right answer.

Step 11: Press the ‘Save’ button at the top right corner of the screen when you are done creating the desired number of questions. You can also choose a preferred folder to save the quiz.

Step 12: You can now preview the quiz as a trial session, start the quiz to host the live session, or share the quiz so that other hosts can use the same quiz. Press ‘Done’ if you don’t want to take any of the above actions.

The quiz creation is now complete. You can use it in the future the way you want. It will stay saved to your profile.

Types of Kahoot Questions

Some important types of Kahoot questions

The following are the question types you can create while developing a quiz game on the world’s best learning platforms.


A quiz has questions with four given answer options. One of the answer options is correct.

True or False

A question is given in the True or False question with two options. The correspondent has to select if the above statement is true or false.

Type Answer

A question statement is given, and the correspondent is asked to ‘Type Answer’ within the specified character limit.


An image is given as a Slider, and the respondent has to guess the image or its characteristics.


Different answers are given in random order, and the respondent is asked to arrange them in the correct order to solve the puzzle.

Quiz + Audio

An audio is given in the question, and the respondent has to select the correct answer among the available options that best explain the audio.

Quiz + Video

A video is played, and the respondent is asked a question regarding the video content.


A question is asked to take the opinion of the respondents. The respondent chooses a favorable option among the available choices, and up to six available choices are given.


A question is asked, and the respondents have to scale their interest. The respondents’ opinion about the statement is measured on a scale of five or more values.

Drop Pin

A question is asked, and the respondents drop the Kahoot pin in the right place according to their preferences.

Word Cloud

Different words appear on the screen as clouds, and respondents choose the preferable cloud according to the question asked.

Open Ended

A question is asked, and the respondents are free to answer it in short or long form answers without a character limit.


A question is asked, and the respondents brainstorm ideas or vote for the favorable option available.

Question to Answer

An answer is given with the utmost four available questions, and the respondent has to choose the right question.

False Answer

A question is given, and all the available answers are correct for the given statement except one. The respondent has to choose the wrong answer.

Fill in the Gap

A statement is given with one or more missing words. Up to four options or combinations are given, and the respondent chooses the right word or combination of words that fit in the sentence.

Duration of Kahoot Questions

The recommended quiz length is around 5 minutes with 15 to 20 multiple-choice questions. However, it may vary with the question types. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Speed Games

The speed games have 40 to 50 questions that the respondent has to attempt within five minutes. These are ‘True or False’ questions with short answers that the respondent can quickly read.

Normal Speed Quiz

A normal speed quiz has 10 to 20 questions with an average time of five minutes and 20 seconds for each question. These will be multiple-choice questions where no typing is involved.

Mixed Quiz

There will be a mixed set of questions in such a quiz. For example, there will be an audio or video, and questions asked afterward. There will be some normal-length questions that involve some typing. Finally, there will be True/False or multiple-choice questions. The audio/video questions and short answers will take up to 120 seconds per question. On the other hand, True/False or multiple choice questions will take five to 20 seconds. This will combine to five minutes in total to solve the quiz.


You have now read about Kahoot questions, the way to create them, question types, duration, and all you wanted to know related to this discussion. Write back to us if any of your queries are still unsolved.


How do you make a question on Kahoot?

You can create a question on Kahoot by choosing the question type, typing the question and answer options, and adding the image if required.

What are good questions to ask in Kahoot?

Any question relevant to the subject matter can be a good question to ask in Kahoot.

Can Kahoot have 5 answers?

A Kahoot question can have up to six answer options according to your preference.

How many questions are in a Kahoot?

You can add up to 100 questions in a Kahoot.

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