Kahoots Play: Game-based Learning with Kahoot Quizzes

Kahoot Play is an excellent way of learning with different quizzed containing games!

Kahoot, the best online learning platform allows you to play Kahoots, games, or quizzes, according to your desired learning pace, and difficulty level, at your desired device, from your desired place. Whether you are in school or at home, a master in a subject or a newbie, you have a PC or mobile, you are a slow or a fast learner, Kahoot play is easily accessible for everyone.

Let’s answer all your queries regarding Kahoot play in this article.


Kahoot! How Do You Play

It is easy to play Kahoots. Let’s discuss the process in the below step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Open the Kahoot website https://kahoot.com/ or app on your phone.

Step 2: Click the ‘Join‘ button.

Step 3: Enter the Kahoot code you received from the host.

Step 4: Press the ‘Enter‘ button, and the Kahoot starts.

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Kahoot Game Rules

Kahoot games have certain rules that the host specifies. The following are the Kahoot game rules you must remember before starting a game or quiz.

  • There is a time limit to answer each question in the game.
  • Choosing the right answer for each question awards different points that the host chooses.
  • You get as many answer options in a question that the host wants to add.
  • There is a time limit to answer each question in the game.

Kahoot Play for Free

Playing Kahoot games does not charge any money. You can play Kahoots for free that are available online. Explore the subject of your interest, select the already available quiz, and play it. Furthermore, playing Kahoots made by your course instructors also costs no money. In other words, it is always free to learn new concepts on Kahoot with free-to-play games.

Kahoot Play Solo

Solo learning modes are available at Kahoot allowing your customized and personalized learning pace. You first select a desired learning pace and then play a Kahoot. This way, you can do custom-paced learning and improve your score in a subject.


Kahoot Play Create

You can create your customized Kahoot games to play later. Also, you can create ones to share with your peers to improve group learning and practice. It further improves your knowledge about the subject. In return, you perform better in school quizzes or the quizzes assigned to you by your course instructors.

Kahoot Play with Friends

Besides Kahoot solo play, it is also possible to play Kahoots with your friends. You can practice Kahoot play with friends by playing the online available Kahoots, play your personally created Kahoots with friends, or participate in Kahoot games assigned by your course instructors. Playing Kahoot with friends will improve your collective learning and collaboration.


Kahoot Play Free Games

Free Kahoot games are available in every subject for all learning grades at the official Kahoot website. Students can attempt to play those games to improve their practice of the subject. This way, they will know the content their course instructor will teach them in the upcoming session and actively participate in discussions. It will improve their confidence, knowledge, and class participation.

Kahoot Play Host

The host of the Kahoot gameplay is the person who creates the Kahoot. The host can be your course instructor if you officially participate in a school quiz. On the other hand, students can also create Kahoots for their classmates and act as hosts.

Some Kahoot hosts also create quizzes and make them public for everyone to attempt quizzes. These hosts work with dedication and strive for the better learning of the whole community.


Kahoot Play at Home

Kahoot has made learning easy and now you can play Kahoots anywhere you want. You can continue learning new concepts from the comfort of your home by playing Kahoots and staying home. This way, course instructors can assign home tasks to students and ask them to attempt Kahoot quizzes when on vacation. Kahoot ensures learning never stops and children stay indulged in studies in a fun way.

Kahoot Play Without Login

It is not necessary to log in to Kahoot to play games and quizzes. Kahoot only requires logging in to an account to create and customize Kahoots. You can play Kahoots with the game codes you receive from your course instructor, classmates, and Kahoot hosts. However, you need to log in to your profile if you want your Kahoot quiz progress to be saved in your profile.

Kahoot Play with More Than 10 Players

A maximum player limit is set for each host account of players who can participate in a Kahoot. A host with a Basic Kahoot account can only allow up to ten participants to play a specific Kahoot. The person has to upgrade the Kahoot account to any Premium plan to allow more than ten players to participate and play a single Kahoot.


Kahoot Player Limit

The game or quiz host can specify a player limit for the number of participants who can attempt a Kahoot. This option is valid in all Basic and Premium plans. For example, no other member can join a Kahoot when the host fixes the limit of seven participants and the maximum number is reached.


Can You Play Kahoot on Your Phone

You can play Kahoot on your Android or iOS phone by installing the Kahoot app from the Play Store or App Store. Open the app, press the Play or Join button, insert your game code and you are ready to play Kahoot on your phone. No login is required when you have the game code to play it on your phone. Alternatively, you can log in with your email or any linked social media account to play a Kahoot via your profile to save your progress.


Kahoot Games to Play

Free learning Kahoot games are available online that anyone can play. Students can play those games to practice their subjects and test their skills. There is a vast variety of games that you can choose according to your desired learning pace. You can find quizzes among the available collections that improve and test your knowledge about anything and make you an expert.

Kahoots Play

Kahoots are available to play for everyone. You can even create your own custom Kahoots to play later, ask your course instructor or parents to create your knowledge booster Kahoots, or play Kahoots available online. The learning never stops with Kahoots Play as a wide variety of Kahoot collections is available online.

Kahoot Draft to Play

It is unnecessary to share a Kahoot with others to play right after you create it. You can draft it in your profile in the Kahoot library to be used later. The Kahoot draft feature also allows you to create Kahoots whenever you are free and prepare for the upcoming quizzes for your students, children, or classmates. You can also make desired changes to the drafted Kahoots before publishing them at any time.

Kahoot How Many People Can Play

Every Basic and Premium Kahoot plan has a certain limit to the number of persons who can play Kahoot. For example, only ten individuals can play Kahoot if the host uses the Basic plan. The number of participants increases as you move toward the Premium plans. Furthermore, the host can also set the limit to the number of participants in a quiz in each Basic and Premium plan. The participants that enter the quiz first will access it in such a scenario.

Final Words

You have read every detail related to playing Kahoots. We hope all your ambiguities are gone if you were new to playing Kahoots. Ask us in the comments section if you need any further information. Also, please share your experience of playing Kahoots to motivate others to do so.


How do you play Kahoots?

You can play Kahoots by joining a game or quiz and entering the Kahoot code sent to you by the host.

Can I play Kahoot for free?

You can always play Kahoot for free, there is no subscription or login required for playing Kahoot.

Can I play Kahoot by myself?

You can play Kahoot by yourself after searching for a suitable one in the online library to practice your skills.

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