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Time Day

Today Hillside took on time. All the children across school carried out different activities for telling the time.


Woodpeckers started their day by looking at sequencing days of the week and months of the year! they have learnt to sing the months of the year in the correct order. We then moved onto telling the time for o’clock. All the children mastered this quickly and we carried on recapping all day. They even made a human clock! In the afternoon we moved onto reading half past. This was a little bit more trickier but after lots of practice they have started to understand half past.



Today in Puffins class Time was on our side! We started off the day by looking at how time is measured and we converted amounts of time. We then estimated the duration of events like taking off our shoes and socks, doing 30 star jumps and doing 10 burpees!
We rounded off the day by creating a human clock! Puffins have thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait to spend some well-earned TIME resting over Christmas.


In Skylarks we have been using clocks to help us learn to tell the time. We have learnt to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. We have played interactive games and competed against each other to see who can read the time the fastest. We also have estimated different lengths of time so we could see who was the closest!

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