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Measures Day

On Wednesday 2nd December the whole school took part in Measures Day.



Woodpeckers started the day by looking at length, comparing by size, measuring with cubes and then progressing onto measuring with a ruler. They then looked at capacity. Here they were able to find out which bottles were full, empty and nearly full. They then investigated the ml and L on the side of jugs and we started to measure out specific amounts of water. In the afternoon the children looked at weighing, first we weighed different objects to see which were heavier or lighter, we then weighed against cubes to see how many cubes heavy an object was. We then finished the day by reading weighing scales to bake some delicious biscuits and buns!


This week for Measures day Puffins took part in lots of exciting and engaging activities to broaden our understanding of measures. We measured out ingredients for buns and biscuits. Me solved problems measuring out amounts of liquid and solving capacity problems. We even got to grips measuring length and solving problems like finding out how long our left leg’s are and the differences in our height.


Skylarks have had an amazing measures day! Firstly we weighed lots of different classroom items and then found the mean weight and lengths. After that, we measured out different capacities of water! In the afternoon, we baked buns and biscuits, we spent lots of time measuring in grams! We also spent time converting between grams and kilograms.


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