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ICT & e-Safety

Within the school, children are taught ICT and it is used to support learning throughout the curriculum. Whilst studies have looked at the benefits of having access to a computer and/or access to the Internet at home it is important to keep your child safe.

To keep your child safe, the following tips should be considered:

  • Setting security settings within Internet Explorer or other browsers
  • Locate the computer in a family area where possible
  • Consider the use of mobiles phones, games consoles and other devices with access to the internet
  • Regularly check the Internet sites your child has visited by looking in the history and favourites.

Your child should also be advised to:

  • Tell you about the websites they are using
  • Only use child friendly search engines
  • Only email people they know
  • Never give out personal information
  • Never arrange to meet people they have met on the Internet without talking to an adult first
  • Only use a webcam with people they know
  • Tell you immediately if they see anything they are unhappy with

Reassure that you want to keep your child safe rather than taking Internet access away from them.

A valuable e-safety source is Kidsmart which provides the latest news and resources to protect your children online.

To access our Online Safety Policy, please click below:

Online e-safety Policy 2018 Hillside

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