Kahoot vs. GimKit

Kahoot vs Gimkit – Quick Comparison for Students & Teachers

Are you confused which one to choose between Kahoot and Gimkit for learning purposes? Let’s learn the distinctive features to pick up one for you.

Incorporating online game-based learning platforms into the classroom improves engagement, problem-solving skills, participation, collaboration, and coordination between students. At the same time, they make it easy to manage knowledge inducement for teachers. Kahoot and GimKit are at the top when discussing online learning platforms. But what’s better: Kahoot vs. Gimkit?

Kahoot appeals more to the students than Gimkit due to several types of Kahoot Questions and other features. 

All learning platforms have unique features, benefits, and drawbacks that make one suitable for a person and not for others. Let’s discuss the features, pros and cons, pricing models, and all other attributes of Kahoot Vs. GimKit in detail in this blog to find the right one for you.

Kahoot Vs. GimKit – Quick Comparison

Check out the simillarities and dissimilarities of both platforms in the following image. Let’s read about Kahoot vs GimKit quickly.

Kahoot vs. GimKit - Comparison table

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform suitable for teachers, students, team players, and organizations. People can arrange and conduct discussions and quiz games to improve learning and engagement. It is equally suitable for people of all ages and makes learning fun.

What is Kahoot

This learning platform was made available to the general public in 2013 with exciting learning elements. Teachers can create quizzes or make presentations for students with its easy-to-use interface in a few steps. It offers a variety of options while creating a game, including, multiple choice questions, true/false, slides, puzzles, type answers, and more. The session hosts can collect feedback by creating polls and asking open-ended questions.

Students can also do self-learning sessions at Kahoot, group study, solve assignments, and explore online learning content to improve their distance learning. Both free and paid plans are available for students, teachers, families, and organizations. Everyone can choose a plan according to their requirement. It has an app and a website both.

What is GimKit?

GimKit is also a game-based learning platform that helps students and teachers in learning alike. Teachers can create engaging learning games, and students can brainstorm their knowledge to solve the game. They can also collaborate for group discussions and develop strategies.

What is GimKit

GimKit was designed by a student as a junior year project in 2018 and is more student-centric. Anyone can create game-like quizzes that students can play inside and outside the classroom. Its interface and gaming pattern help students memorize the knowledge they learn and improve their understanding.

It is preferable for teachers as creating the teaching content is less time-consuming and more effective. Teachers can assign game quizzes to students as their home assignments; GimKit will automatically mark their performance and make it easy to send feedback to students relating to their performance.

Students can also create quizzes and interact with classmates to learn from them. The platform also keeps adding new games to improve the variety of learning experiences. Both paid and free versions are available, and students and teachers can choose their plans accordingly. It is only a web-based learning platform.

Unique Features

Let’s discuss the features of the leading game-based learning platforms in detail.


Kahoot offers the following unique features.

  • Mobile App: This best learning platform is available as an app on Android and iOS platforms with complete features, eliminating the need to open the desktop or laptop to create or attempt quizzes.
  • Nicknames: Students can generate their nicknames and use them while signing up or playing the games.
  • Ghost Mode: Students can play games anonymously without signing in to their accounts. This way, students can improve their progress by attempting quizzes as a ghost. The performance as a ghost is also saved on the platform so that you can analyze your performance improvement.


GimKit offers the following unique features.

  • Virtual Cash: Students can earn virtual cash when they correctly answer questions. Furthermore, they can use it to buy power-ups and upgrades while attempting quizzes the next time. This virtual cash is also consumed when students submit incorrect answers.
  • KitCollab: Students can create quizzes by submitting questions and distributing the quiz among other students with KitCollab for an improved learning experience.
  • LIVE Class Progress View: Students can view the points they score by answering questions LIVE on the screen. It is an impressive and motivating feature when students compete in groups or attempt quizzes in class Vs. class mode.

Learning Experience

Let’s analyze the learning experiences of both game-based learning platforms in detail.


Kahoot offers plenty of options for teachers to create interactive surveys, polls, slides, etc., to create an ideal educational experience. They can experiment with designs and challenge their students’ minds with innovative ideas. The learning experience of students also improves with different question types that keep the interest of students, i.e., open-ended questions, multiple choice questions, puzzles, brainstorming questions, etc.

Kahoot also encourages interaction between students with LIVE presentations and interactive talks. Students can instantly know the correct answer to an attempted question that motivates them if they answered it correctly. Also, the students get motivated to discuss the answers with other students and learn the logic behind them.

The learning experience of students also increases as they attempt quizzes in teams. They get collective team scores and individual scores on quizzes according to the teacher’s preferences which encourages them to learn.


The learning experience at GimKit is enhanced with visuals and audio tracks related to the questions asked that keep the students’ interest in studies, and they don’t miss in-class experiences. Another learning stimulation the platform offers is the virtual money students earn by answering the questions correctly. Furthermore, students can invest that money to buy power-ups and upgrades that further improve their grades on the quiz. Some students feel distracted by the virtual money, so they can turn off the feature.

Different game modes in the GimKit keep the interest of the students. Also, there are team modes to attempt quizzes besides the individual modes to encourage team participation of students. Questions repeat multiple times in a quiz to stimulate the learning experiences so that the students master their subject.

Quiz Creation

Let’s discuss the quiz creation process of both game-based learning platforms in detail.


Kahoot has prebuilt templates to create quizzes. You can choose them or create a quiz from scratch to bring innovation. Creating a quiz is easy, click the ‘Create’ button on the dashboard, select your template, or start a new quiz. The next step is to choose the question type and add questions up to 120 characters.

You can also add stock images in the Kahoot library or upload your desired photo to the question from your device. The next step is to choose the answer options; you can add up to six answer options in different question types. It is mandatory to choose a correct answer. Now, set the time limit to attempt the question and assign scores for the correct answers.

Create other questions in the same way, and the quiz creation process is complete.


You can start creating a quiz at GimKit after logging in to your account. Students can attempt these quizzes in LIVE sessions, as home assignments, or as individual tasks. Click on the ‘New Kit’ button to start creating the quiz. The next step is to name the quiz and choose the desired language and subject. You can import questions from a spreadsheet, KitCollab, or add questions manually.

Choose your desired question format, type your question, and the correct answer. Create other questions in the same way, and you are done with creating a quiz.

Game Variety

Let’s discuss the variety of game options both learning platforms offer while creating quizzes.


Kahoot offers three options to create a game, you can ask knowledge-testing questions, collect opinions, and add slides. You can ask multiple choice questions, true/false statements, type answer questions to test knowledge and create polls, brainstorm, open-ended, or word cloud questions to collect opinions.

There are many public quizzes available on the platform that you can use to create custom quizzes. You can filter the desired quizzes based on content type, education level, and language.


You can create multiple-choice questions and text input questions with GimKit. Furthermore, more than ten modes are available to customize a quiz; you can set goals, allow virtual cash prizes, etc.

Assessment and Analytics

Let’s discuss how quiz assessments and analytics work at Kahoot and GimKit after the students attempt the quiz.


Kahoot shows if your attempted answer was right or wrong after you submit your response to each question. Furthermore, it sends a detailed report of the points scored on each quiz. The leaderboard is also available on your main screen after attempting every question.

You can download your report card after every quiz to your device or store it directly on your Google Drive.


GimKit provides two types of analysis; how students perform in the game and how they answer questions. It is because GimKit believes students’ performance in the game can be different from the way they answer questions. However, there are no leaderboards or previous quiz scores available. You need to store your reports yourself if you want to analyze your performance afterward as it allows you to download performance reports.

Ease of Use

Let’s learn how easy it is to use these best learning platforms for teachers and students.


You will feel Kahoot is a simple-to-use platform if you have used presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote. It is simple to use even if you have no experience with such platforms. Various customizable options available on this platform improve the learning experience of your audience and are simple to toggle.

The game or quiz participants are not required to create an account to attempt the quiz, which is also a plus point. Students can start taking the quiz by entering the Game PIN. However, Kahoot does not hint at the correct answer until you attempt the question.


There are detailed guides throughout the quiz creation process that make it easy to create a game. Furthermore, premade quizzes are also available, and you can also upload files that further simplify the quiz creation. Participants can attempt the quizzes without signing in to the platform. They can also solve quizzes in LIVE classrooms. However, students must sign in to avail of the advanced GimKit features.


Let’s discuss the pricing models of Kahoot and GimKit below.


There is a free Kahoot version in which teachers can allow up to 50 students to submit quiz responses simultaneously. However, the features are limited. The puzzles, polls, premade templates, assignments, priority support, and many other features are missing.

Different individual, team, enterprise, and one-time event plans are available in the Kahoot paid version. You can start an individual plan at the said platform form as low as 17 dollars per host per month billed monthly or 204 dollars billed annually. The team plans start from 29 dollars per member per month or 1044 dollars with three licenses billed annually.

Kahoot has introduced a 360 Engage plan for enterprises that employees can avail of for as low as seven dollars per month per employee. On the other hand, One-time Events plans start as low as 250 dollars to host unlimited Kahoots in a single event with up to 100 participants per session.


With the GimKit free version, you can set up classes, play in-class games, and gather data with as many students as you want. However, you cannot use it for assignments or add audio or images to the quizzes in the free plan.

GimKit offers group plans so that the whole community can benefit from purchasing a single plan. The schools can buy GimKit School for 1000 dollars per year with separate accounts for each teacher. On the other hand, the GimKit Department is available for 650 dollars per year with 20 teacher accounts.


Let’s discuss the positive points of the world’s best learning platforms in this section.


  • It is suitable for students of 1st to 12th grades.
  • It is available as a website and app for Android and iOS users with complete features.
  • The teachers control the learning pace.
  • It encourages interactive learning.
  • Many ready-to-play games are already available.


  • Both free and paid versions allow unlimited students to participate in a session.
  • This learning platform is suitable for students of 4th to 12th grade.
  • You can import premade quizzes as CSV files or from Quizlet.
  • The students control the learning pace.
  • It has more than ten game modes.
  • Both the questions and answers are visible to the students.


Let’s discuss the drawbacks of both platforms in the section below.


  • Only a limited number of students are allowed in a session in free and paid plans.
  • It offers limited game modes.
  • It only shows questions to the students, and they can access the correct answers after submitting the response.


  • It is only available as a website learning platform.

Final Words

You have read in detail all about GimKit and Kahoot in this article. Both have similar features but also possess distinct characteristics. You can choose Kahoot for ease of use, mobile app, prebuilt games, and versatility. On the other hand, GimKit is budget-friendly for groups, offers more game modes, and the learning pace is controlled by students. Now, it is up to your requirements which platform is beneficial for you. Please write back to us in the comments section about your reason for preferring any of these platforms so that other like-minded people can benefit from your opinion.


Is GimKit and Kahoot the same?

Both are game-based online learning platforms but have a slightly different working mechanism.

Why is GimKit so popular?

The primary reasons making GimKit popular are its affordable pricing and student-controlled learning pace.

Is Kahoot 100% free?

Both free and paid versions of Kahoot are available. However, the features vary with the plan.

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