Kahoot Ghost Mode

Kahoot Ghost Mode – Play Kahoot Again for Students

Improve your Kahoot Game Score and earn more rewards by reattempting the quizzes with Kahoot Ghost Mode.

Kahoot, the best game-based learning platform, doesn’t leave any stone unturned to improve the learning experiences and knowledge. Students play quizzes to test their knowledge. There is a Kahoot ghost mode that lets the players improve their game scores by reattempting them.

Ghost Mode Kahoot

Let’s learn all about ghost modes, ways to play them, score better with Kahoot ghost, and everything related to it in this article.

What is Ghost Mode in Kahoot?

Kahoot does not show the correct answer to questions when the participant is performing the quiz. The score shows on the screen when the participants complete the quiz. Some of them feel they could perform better if given another chance. It is when the ghost mode proves its necessity and usefulness.

What is Kahoot Ghost Mode

You can attempt the same quiz again as your ghost. Your score as a ghost and the score with the first attempt appear on the leaderboard. It makes it easy to analyze and compare your performance over different attempts. Also, you can analyze if you have mastered your subject or need to improve your learning.

How to Play Kahoot Ghost Mode?

The following is the step-by-step guide to retake the quizzes or Kahoot game in this mode:

Step 1: You see a ‘Play Again’ button after you attempt a quiz.

Step 2: Press the button to start playing the game as a Ghost.

Step 3: All your classmates in the LIVE session can play again as a Ghost, and you all can now compete again.

Step 4: The game runs the same. You can see your score as a ghost on the leaderboard at the end of the game.

Benefits of Playing Kahoot as Ghost

The following are the benefits participants enjoy by playing Kahoot as a Ghost.

Kahoot Ghost benefits
  • It improves participants’ learning.
  • Memorizing skills of students improve.
  • Students get to reattempt quizzes.
  • Student’s interest in learning improves.

Kahoot Ghost Mode Hack

Follow the below hacks to get the most out of Kahoot ghost modes

  • Attentively attempt the quiz for the first time to improve your performance while attempting in the ghost mode.
  • Don’t forget to press the ‘Play Again’ button so you don’t lose the chance to play ghost mode.
  • You have the same time to attempt the quiz in the ghost mode; take your time to do it wisely.

How to Get Rid of Ghost Mode in Kahoot

Nothing to worry about if you don’t want to play Kahoot in the ghost mode. Skip the ‘Play Again’ option, and the ghost mode does not start. You can stop playing it if it randomly gets started. It does not impact your profile badly if you play the ghost mode. So play it without worries and improve your learning.

Final Words

You have now read all about ghost modes in Kahoot. You know how to play Kahoot in ghost mode, its benefits, and ways to get rid of it. Ask us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you.


Does Kahoot have different modes?

You can play Kahoot games in the normal mode and the ghost mode to improve your score and expertise.

What is ghost mode on Kahoot?

Ghost mode on Kahoot is introduced to give participants another chance to attempt the same quizzes.

How to play Kahoot games in ghost mode?

Press the ‘Play Again’ button after attempting the quiz to initiate the ghost mode.

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