How to play Kahoot by yourself

How to Play Kahoot by Yourself: Guide about Kahoot! Solo

Learn independtly, explore different game modes, and enjoy on your own way with Kahoot Solo!

Can you play Kahoot by yourself? How to play Kahoot by yourself? Many people ask this question and we have good news for them. Players can now play Kahoot solo and practice solo with computer-based AI players. It’s an amazing addition to its features for those who want to play Kahoot alone with AI players. It enhances independent learning without the need for a teacher and becomes an all-in-all learning platform for Kahoot users. But how to play Kahoot by yourself?

Kahoot Solo

Solo Kahoot makes players independent in choosing question types and accessing all the host controls like a teacher. It’s beneficial for teachers and students for independent learning because users get all the tools without limits. 

Read this guide completely to know about playing Kahoot in solo mode, its benefits, and other important details. Let’s read on!

How to Play Kahoot by Yourself with Solo Options

It is not rocket science but similar to the hosted Kahoot. Have a look at the mentioned steps below on how to play Kahoot by yourself with friends. 

Step 1: Access the Kahoot official website at

Step 2: Log in to your account. 

Step 3: Find the option saying “Solo” or “Play Solo”, or “Solo Kahoot”. 

Step 4: Select the solo mode, for example, chill art, treasure trove solo, etc. 

Step 5: Click Start and it’s all done.

Kahoot solo options

Note: Users can’t find reports in Solo mode because they are not generated in preview/solo mode.

Kahoot Solo Game Modes

Like quizzes, question types, and assignments, Solo games also have different modes. Several modes’ availability helps sharpen your skills, diversify the user’s mind, and increase concentration. Here we have explained its different modes so that you can choose any of them easily. 

1. Chill Art Solo Mode

This mode displays a screen full of numbers from 1-20 and the user has to pick one of them. After that select a paint randomly. If the answer is right, you will be eligible to get paintbrushes as a prize. 

To use it, go to the “Go Paint” option in the top-right corner of the screen. Now it’s time to paint and it can be done by selecting a number at the bottom of the screen to match it on the canvas. 

If the numbers get matched, the painting part gets revealed from that part of the masterpiece. It also has a “Go to Quiz” option if you want to go back. Don’t worry! If the game doesn’t finish automatically, click the “Exit game” button and exit. 

Do you want more practice, go to the “Gallery” option in the top left corner of the selected painting and start again. 

2. Treasure Trove Solo Mode

It’s like simply answering the questions and the progress is shown at the bottom of the screen and it’s called the progress bar. In actuality, the game gives a treasure reward if you answer some questions accurately and gain points. 

Treasure trove solo mode questions

After that, redeem your prize and the next round will start automatically. It’s a great opportunity to earn more treasures by answering more questions. Remember that the difficulty of answers increases in upcoming rounds to increase your learning. 

Treasure trove solo mode

Note: Don’t point to the wrong answer as they will deduct your points. The game has a time limit to give the answers correctly. The Timer runs at the top of the screen. 

3. Tallest Tower Solo Mode

It’s similar to the Treasure Trovo Solo mode because you have to answer the questions here. The difference is that after giving the right answers and collecting the reward, it’s time to build the tower. The process is simple as you have to tap on the screen to place a building block.

Tallest tower solo mode question

After completing a building, play the game further by answering more questions correctly. If you fail, replay the level and practice. 

Tallest tower solo mode

The game saves the highest score achieved so you have to challenge yourself to score more. 

Drop the blocks in a row to complete a building because you only get points after the successful completion of the floors. 

While creating the building, a gorilla will be shown above so try to follow all the on-screen instructions. 

4. Classic Solo Mode

This mode allows you to play with automatically generated players in the lobby of the game. Here enter your NickName like Malisa, click OK, and answer questions like a regular Kahoot game. Bravo! You are playing solo but with an AI-generated opponent.

Classic solo mode

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How to Play Kahoot by Yourself on Phone (Kahoot! App)

You can play Kahoot solo on the mobile app by following the simple steps:

  • First, open the Kahoot mobile app on your smartphone and log in with your account.
  • Select the game type.
  • In the sections, choose “Solo game Modes”.
  • Select your desired mode.
  • Play and enjoy.
  • The app saves your progress and it’s a good way to resume assignments in solo mode if you left due to some reasons.

Note: You can find it in the “Discover” section to find different ready-to-play content for Solo mode.

How to Play Kahoot by Yourself on a Computer?

You can enjoy independent playing on a bigger screen like a computer by following the mentioned steps:

  • Open the Kahoot website on the browser at
  • Log in to your account.
  • Choose a Kahoot from the Discover option in the library.
  • Select the “Solo Kahoot” option.
  • Further, select the solo Kahoot mode.
  • Start playing and have fun.

How to Play Kahoot by Yourself for Free

The platform doesn’t charge a single penny to play Kahoot independently. Open the mobile app or Kahoot’s official website. Click the Solo option, choose the mode, and enjoy it for free. It’s free to enjoy on your smartphone or computer without issues. It’s a great way of learning with a free practice option.

How to Preview Solo Kahoot

Previewing a solo Kahoot is a fantastic option for players who are confused about how to play it. For this purpose, follow the simple steps.

How to preview solo kahoot
  • Login to the Kahoot website.
  • Go to “Library” or the “Discover Page”. Tap the Kahoot you want to preview.
  • It will further show an option “Preview”, and you simply have to click on it.
  • Two options will be shown on the right and left side of the screen “Hosting the Kahoot” and “Playing the Kahoot”.
  • After previewing, play or host as you want.

Benefits of Kahoot Solo Mode

It’s an excellent way to promote independent learning with a personalized style. You can even host a Solo kahoot with your friends and play according to your mood. Here are some perks of these special features for the users:

  • It promotes independent study as a single player. This way, the students learn in their own way without joining the classrooms.
  • It makes personal assessment fun because you don’t have to feel guilty in front of the teacher (host) if you answer wrong. Retry the quiz to improve learning without being ashamed of the students and teachers.
  • It helps better understand the course material.
  • It increases the diversity of learning by varying different skills and objectives. A student can choose question types as he wants.
  • It’s a flipped, non-traditional, effective, and fun approach to learning something.

Important Tips

If you want to play Kahoot independently, here are some tips from the Pros:

  • Setting a goal is the primary thing a user must do. It’s like a challenge to achieve something, score high, learn new content, and improve your game-answering speed.
  • Choose the level of difficulty according to your skills. Analyze your skill level and try to practice at your own level. Don’t choose highly difficult levels in the beginning.
  • Trust the process and take your time to practice it again and again. Because beating an AI is also not child’s play.
  • Review all the answers to know what questions you are weak at and your strongest part.
  • Track your progress by keeping an eye on the score to know your level.
  • Customize the Kahoot by yourself to create your own game.
  • Don’t play intensely but take a few breaks between games. It’s necessary to recharge yourself.
  • Don’t stick to the same topic but explore different game types, questions, and topics to enjoy the game’s diversity.

Final Words

Keep yourself motivated with Kahoot Solo playing. Explore different games, questions, assignments, and quizzes, customize them at your own choice, collect exciting rewards, and have fun. This feature makes learning without the supervision of a teacher an opportunity to explore things on your own. Try different solo game modes to earn different rewards and enjoy. Don’t forget that you can play it on the Kahoot app or a laptop. 


How to play Kahoot Solo?

Open the Kahoot platform, sign in to your account, choose the game type, click the “Solo Kahoot” option, choose the mode, and enjoy.

Can you play Kahoots individually?

Yes, “Play Solo” allows users to play individually with different mode options.

Can you play your own Kahoot for free?

Yes, playing Kahoot solo is absolutely free so don’t miss the opportunity to explore it on your own. 

Can you host your own Kahoot?

After creating a Solo Kahoot, the platform displays the two options. Play Kahoot or host Solo Kahoot. So yes, you can host an individual kahoot with others. 

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