How to make Kahoot

How to Make Kahoot – Ultimate Tips for Students & Teachers

Read the detailed guide on how to make Kahoot with step-by-step instructions on creating Kahoot, time-saving tips, and all features explained.

Everyone acknowledges Kahoot as one of the best game-based online learning platforms. However, people hesitate to use it to create quizzes despite the will to contribute to knowledge sharing. The question that arises in everyone’s mind is how to make Kahoot. It is not rocket science to create Kahoot games and quizzes, shortly known as Kahoots, on free and paid accounts, for teachers and students.

Make Kahoot

This is a detailed guide to the Kahoot creation process with different Kahoot Questions Types. You will learn to create Kahoots, edit them, share them with others, tips and tricks to save time while making a quiz, and more. Let’s start reading this guide.

How to Make Kahoot Quiz

The following is the step-by-step guide for adding questions to your newly created Kahoot.

Step 1: Enter a ‘Title’ to your Kahoot.

Step 2: You will find an ‘Add Question’ button on the left sidebar when creating Kahoot.

Step 3: Now, choose your desired question type. There are two basic question types, test knowledge and collect options. Both have multiple question types according to your subscription plan. However, you can choose Quiz or True/False in the free plan.

Step 4: Type the question in the question bar according to the chosen question type within the prescribed character limit.

Step 5: Type the required answer options in the required fields within the prescribed character limit. You can add four to six answer options.

Step 6: Select the correct answer option.

Step 7: Select the time allowed to attempt the question and assign points rewarded for the correct answer. You can also allow multiple correct options for the same question. All these settings are available on the right sidebar.

Step 8: Insert an image to the question. You can upload it from your device, choose from Kahoot gallery, or embed it from YouTube or Vimeo. Alternatively, add audio to the question.

How to create Kahoot Quiz in easy steps

You may want to use some features in the Kahoot editor, but they are not included in your plan. These features are indicated by a star. You can upgrade your plan to avail such features. Add up to 100 questions to your Kahoot, and you are all done.

Access Kahoot Creator

The following is the step-by-step process to access the Kahoot creator when making a new Kahoot.

Kahoot creator

Step 1: Create an account with your email or add any social media accounts. You can skip this step if you already have an account.

Step 2: Log in to your account with your email or any linked account. You will be redirected to your Kahoot Dashboard.

Step 3: Click the ‘Create’ button at the top right corner of the Kahoot Dashboard in the web version or from the main menu of the Kahoot App.

Step 4: Click ‘Kahoot’ from the dropdown to create a quiz or poll.

Step 5: Now choose the question generator, templates, or blank canvas among the given options.

Step 6: The Kahoot editor now opens, where you can add questions, choose question types, and more.

Additional Kahoot Creation Features

Let’s discuss in detail what else you can do in creating Kahoot, besides adding new questions.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop icon

You can move the position of a question in Kahoot editor from one place to another. Click and drag a question in the vertical panel to the desired location, and it will be moved to your desired place. This way, you can arrange the sequence of questions if they are incorrectly placed.

Duplicate Questions

Duplicate icon

Hover over a question on the sidebar, and you will see a ‘Duplicate’ button. You can press it to duplicate a question. Now, you can edit the duplicated version and save time setting up a similar question with similar question types and answering options.

Delete Questions

Delete icon

You will see a ‘Delete’ option while you hover over a question on the sidebar. You can click on the trash bin to delete the question. This action will only delete an unwanted question and not harm the complete Kahoot.

Complete Kahoot Creation

The following are the options after you are done creating and editing a Kahoot.

Save Kahoot

You can save the newly created Kahoot after you are done adding questions and editing options. Click the ‘Save’ button at the top right corner of the Kahoot creation screen. You can also save an incomplete Kahoot. It will appear on the Kahoot dashboard. You can complete it later.

Exit Kahoot

You can exit the Kahoot creation process anytime, and you will be redirected to the Dashboard. Your progress will be automatically saved in real-time, and nothing will be lost. You can again start editing the Kahoot from the Dashboard whenever you want.

Preview Kahoot

You can preview your created Kahoot anytime by pressing the ‘Preview’ button on the top right corner of Kahoot editor. This way, you can better analyze if something is working right.

Kahoot Themes

You can press the ‘Themes’ button on the top right corner of Kahoot editor to try and select among a vast range of available free and paid Kahoot themes.

Start LIVE Kahoot

You will see the ‘Start’ option on the screen while clicking the ‘Save’ button after everything is complete. Press the ‘Start’ button to instantly make the Kahoot LIVE. You will now get a customized QR code and Game PIN to send to the participants. The participants can now join Kahoot anytime until it is LIVE.

Share Kahoot

The ‘Share’ button opens on the screen after pressing the ‘Save’ button to directly share the newly created Kahoot. Ensure everything is correctly done when you do it. You can add email, groups, or usernames to share the Kahoot.

Complete a Kahoot - Steps

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How to Make Kahoot for Free

Making Kahoot is not only for people with paid subscriptions. Free account holders can also create Kahoot. However, the features will be limited. You can only add quizzes or true/false questions to test knowledge in a free account. Also, only four answer options are available. Furthermore, you can only use free themes and allow only one option to be selected as the correct answer.

Only ten participants are allowed in a free Kahoot. It is suitable when planning to create simple Kahoots on a small scale.

How to Make Kahoot Public

You can publicly share your created Kahoot by allowing other hosts to use it. Also, you can add it to the library where everyone can access the premade Kahoots. Click the ‘Share’ button and add emails, groups, or usernames of people you want to share the Kahoot. Alternatively, you can share the Game PIN or QR Code via public platforms.

Final Words

We hope the complete Kahoot creation process is easy after reading the detailed guide. You now know ways to duplicate, replace, or delete questions in Kahoot. Do ask us if anything remains unanswered, and we will happily assist you. Your smooth Kahoot creation will be the reward of our efforts.


How do I create Kahoot?

You can create Kahoot by logging in to your account and clicking the ‘Create’ button on the dashboard.

How do I host a Kahoot for free?

You can host LIVE Kahoot after the Kahoot creation process is complete even when you are logged in to a free account.

How to create a Kahoot as a student?

The Kahoot creation process is the same for teachers and students; sign in to your account and click the ‘Create’ button to start creating Kahoot.

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